Sunday, November 06, 2005

Get Wacky X Pictures

DSC03783.JPGGet Wacky X : Thanksgiving was a blast! I couldn't believe how many people made the journey to the south side. It is quite a distance from its original location but the extra miles were worth it. Darling Hall has by far been the best venue for Get Wacky yet. Wouldn't you agree?

My pictures from GW:X are now on our flickr photo pool. If you took pictures at the event feel free to upload them. The more the merrier.

A New Look

The finishing touches have been made to the new Get Wacky blog by yours truly. It is now uploaded to the internet for your viewing pleasure.

Same content. New Feel.

A new neon feel.

Tell me what you think. Leave a comment!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Get Wacky X:: Thanksgiving: Peasant or Pheasant?

the neu!
Get Wacky X:: Thanksgiving: Peasant or Pheasant?

what we're going to do right now it take it back... how far back? way backwe're going to party like it's roughly 1492

Join Big Squeeze, DJ Juiceboxxx von PartyZoneand schpecial guestRad Pitt

at the Neu!Get Wacky

Saturday, November 5

from 10-2 we'll be bringin it home to you, provided you live at

(located just S. of the 6th street bridge to the future)

In honor of the continued US occupation of Northern America this month's theme is Thanksgiving: Peasant or Pheasant which will allow you to slide in for $3 donation instead of $5

There will also be snacks

holla at your duBois

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Get Wacky iX: Un Cabaret

GW iX: un Cabaret:: the pics